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St Patricks Day

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About St Patrick's Day

St. Patrick was an apostle and patron saint of Ireland in the 5th century who was accredited to convert Ireland from paganism to Christianity. His exact date and year of birth as well as death is unclear but according to some historians, he lived from late 4th century to mid 5th century AD. He had a Romano-Brighton origin and his father was a Protestant deacon. At the age of 16, he was captured by the Irish raiders and later was sold as a bonded slave to tend the cattle for his master Milchu in the Slemish Mountain which is in Antrim. It was during this time he got in touch with God and dedicated his life to Him. According to the legends, St. Patrick escaped captivity from Ireland after he received a message from God asking him to travel to the Irish coast where he will find a boat that will lead him to his freedom.

After he reached the shore he found a boat sailing to Britain but the captain denied him passage. Later, he was asked to join in. While traveling home, through Britain, Patrick was again seized by a band of bandits who again returned Patrick to slavery. But after two months he was freed.

After getting his freedom, Patrick spent seven years for religious studies and became a priest. Afterwards, Pope Clemens accredited St. Patrick as bishop who can preach the gospel to the Celtic lands. One day, he received a message from Ireland where people are asking him to visit the country and be with them. Thus, St. Patrick realized his purpose which was to preach Christianity in Ireland.

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