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St Patricks Day

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St. Patrick's Day Around The World

  • St. Patrick's Day in Canada:

    The official holiday on St. Patrick's Day is given to the province of Newfoundland and Labrador. In Montreal, Quebec the St. Patrick's Day parade started from 1824 by the Irish soldiers initially. Now, everyone takes part in it. The largest St. Patrick's Day parade takes place in Toronto since 1988.


  • St. Patrick's Day in Ireland:

    St. Patrick's Day in Ireland is considered to be as religious as Christmas or Easter. People join the Morning masses in churches and then go to witness the grad parades in their localities. The real fun begins with these spectacular parades, community feasts, charity shows etc. The dyed beer, shamrocks, and the parades are the major tourist attraction of the country. The greatest attraction is the St. Patrick's Day parade in Dublin that lasts for five days dating back to late 19th century. People wear clothes which are green in color, caps, badges and other accessories symbolizing this religious festival. Besides, people also wear clothes and accessories which are orange, and white in color to signify the flag of Ireland.


  • St. Patrick's Day in the United Kingdom:

    The third largest parade in the world on St. Patrick's Day takes place in Birmingham, UK. People go to local churches for morning masses and then go to see the parades as well as taking part in several cultural events. Manchester holds a two week Irish festival before the start of St. Patrick's Day.


  • St. Patrick's Day in USA:

    The first parade on St. Patrick's Day was held in Boston in 1737. People wear green clothes and other items to pay tribute to Ireland. The centre of main attraction for many Americans is alcohol.

    Some cities dye the traffic stripe of the parade routes green, Chicago dyes its river green, Savannah dyes its downtown city fountains in green, Indianapolis dyes its Central Canal green. People even set up private parties and color the foods in green.

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