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St Patricks Day

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No festival or celebration is complete without symbols and St. Patrick's Day cannot be an exception. The colors of St. Patrick's Days are Green. Given below the symbols of the season:

  • The Shamrock:

    The shamrock is considered as one of the main symbols in St. Patrick's Day. As per the legends, while explaining the Holy Trinity to the pagans, he used the three leaf clover.

    Another legend says that the Celtic people used to consider the shamrock as the holy plant symbolizing the rebirth of spring. Shamrocks are the national emblem of Ireland.


  • Leprechauns:

    The leprechauns are Irish fairies who look like old men and are around 2 feet tall. They are often depicted as a shoemaker wearing asymmetrical hats and aprons. Legends say that they are unfriendly, make the shoes for other fairies and carry a pot of gold. If they are caught they can be threatened of physical injuries to tell where their hidden pot of gold is. A leprechaun captor must keep his eye on it because he can trick the person and vanish.


  • Green:

    Wearing the color green has become one of the traditions of St. Patrick's Day. But initially the color for the holiday was blue. In the late 19th century this color was replaced by green to pay tribute to the 'Emerald Island' or Ireland. It is believed that wearing the color green on St. Patrick's Day brings good luck. Pinching the person who doesn't wear green on this day is an age old tradition which is still followed.


  • Corned Beef and Cabbage:

    The traditional meal on St. Patrick's Day is corned beef and cabbage which is half Irish. Cabbage was the staple food in Ireland and during previously it was served with Irish bacon. When the immigrants came to America, they couldn't afford the bacon and replaced it with corned beef.

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