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St Patricks Day

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Everyone irrespective of religion and locations enjoy and celebrate St. Patrick's Day. With colorful parades, parties, Irish drinks and wearing the color green the world pays tribute to Ireland in their own way.

  • Parades:

    The first parade of St. Patrick's Day was held in USA in Boston in 1737. Since then over 100 US cities hold parades among which the largest are held in Chicago and New York where around 2 million viewers turn up. It is recorded that the first parade in New York was held in 1762 by the Irish born soldiers.


  • Wearing Green:

    On this day everyone wears clothes, eat food, drink beer which are all green in color to celebrate and to commend Ireland. The Chicago River is dyed with green and the tradition has started almost 40 years back. Those who don't wear green on this day are pleasantly pinched and teased by others.


  • Slainte!:

    This is the time to grab an Irish beer which is often dyed in green. People get together in an Irish pub and enjoy pint of beer to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. Cheers in Irish are known as Slainte!

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